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Bell Rate Plans, Features & Coverage - Alberta

Other Features


No cost

E-bill lets you see your Bell bills online.

E-bill lets you:
  • Track your billing history as far back as 12 months
  • Get detailed billing at no extra charge
  • Always have an up-to-date account balance at your fingertips
  • Print or download a replica of the paper bill whenever you choose

411 Directory Assistance

$2.49 per call

  • Once the requested information has been found, the service will automatically dial the number to complete the call.
Airtime and long distance charges are extra.
As a courtesy, a text message containing the requested information will be sent to your mobile phone.

Note: Rates may vary in Atlantic Canada.

Smart/Phone Care Plans

$4/$7/$10/$10/$13 per month

When you buy a new phone or tablet, it comes with a limited 12-month warranty for manufacturer's defects and malfunctions. Smart/Phone Care gives you additional coverage and peace of mind, knowing that you don't have to pay the full value of your device.
With a Smart/Phone Care plan, you can choose your level of protection outside the manufacturer's warranty, and can cancel at any time without termination fees.
Bell offers three levels of protection:
Smart/Phone Care Extended
  • Protect your device with extended warranty coverage for manufacturer's defects beyond the original 12 months.
Extended Pricing:
  • $4/month
Smart/Phone Care Premium
  • Protect your device with extended warranty coverage if it's lost/stolen, subject to water or accidental damage, a power surge, or normal wear and tear.
Premium Pricing:
  • $7/month for mobile phones, smartphones, tablets and Turbo Sticks
  • $10/month for Premium Select smartphones, and Premium tablets
Smart/Phone Care Total Protect
  • Protect your device with extended warranty coverage if it's lost/stolen, subject to water or accidental damage, a power surge, or normal wear and tear.
  • Protect the content on your device with an in-device app that manages content back-up, anti-virus protection, device Health Check and location services.
  • Be more productive with Premium Technical Support, which is perfect for simple instructions, as well as advanced troubleshooting.
Total Protect Pricing:
  • $10/month for select Android smartphones and select Android tablets
  • $13/month for iPhone, premium Android smartphones, iPad and premium Android tablets
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Replacement costs: $50 for the replacement of a mobile phone or Turbo Stick; up to $150 for a smartphone or tablet and $299 for a Premium Select-Smartphone or Premium tablet.

A maximum of two replacements is permitted. Shipping fees may apply.
Smart/Phone Care plans do not cover SIM cards or accessories such as batteries and chargers.


$169 one time fee (iPhone 6s/6s Plus)
$129 one time fee (non iPhone 6s/6s Plus)
$99 one time fee (iPad)

AppleCare+ for iPhone or iPad offers additional coverage over the complimentary support provided to customers that purchase a new iPhone or iPad. And it adds coverage for up to two incidents of accidental damage from handling, each subject to a service fee ($129 for iPhone 6s/6s Plus; $79 for iPhone 6 and earlier models; $49 for iPad).

AppleCare+ provides you with:
  • One stop for technical support
  • Direct access to Apple experts
  • Mail-in or carry-in repairs
  • Express Replacement Service
  • Hardware coverage for your iPhone, battery, and included earphones and accessories
  • Software support for iOS, iCloud and Apple-branded iPhone apps
Some conditions apply.