5G is the latest generation of wireless network technology, which delivers high responsiveness, increased capacity, and faster speeds. This new wireless technology will open a world of possiblities and will effectively change the way we connect with one another.

What does 5G offer?

picture of speed meter

Faster Speeds

5G is capable of reaching download speeds like never before, when compared to 4G LTE connections . With 5G speeds, you can stream videos at the highest resolution without lag and download large files, which used to take minutes on 4G LTE, in the matter of seconds.

Increased Capacity

As the technology matures, 5G will be able to support up to 1 million devices per square kilometre. This will allow for more connected devices to be used in certain space, giving opportunity for new, innovative technologies in your home and your community.

picture of speed meter
picture of speed meter

High Responsiveness

5G provides ultra fast response times, removing lag and interruptions from your every day activities. You will be able to get near real-time performance for tasks like gaming, browsing the internet and making video calls.



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