ZENS DIY Build In Wireless Charger


Build yourself a wireless charging pad in to a desk, nightstand or side table at home or at work. Just use the bundled hole drill and easily fit the charging pad. The ZENS wireless charging pad has a stylish design fitting any decoration style at home or in the office. Just place your mobile phone on the pad and it will be charged. ZENS creates seamless charging of your phone as soon as placed on the pad. ZENS is multibrand compatible and works with any Qi enabled mobile phone. A guarantee for ease of use, stylish design and no more tangling with multiple charging cables.


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Weight 4.27 ounces


Defining Features •Easy built-in wireless charging at home or at work •Bundled hole drill and easy DIY installation •Lay it on the pad and charge •Stylish and distinctive quality design •Seamless, fast, and effective smartphone charging •Works with any Qi compatible smartphone