No credit checks. No term contracts.

chatr lets you stay connected without worrying about things like credit checks or term contracts.

Affordable plans for one flat fee

We get it – you want to talk, text and use data – and you want to do it for less. That’s what our plans are all about.

Great coverage across Canada

chatr’s coast-to-coast network delivers a reliable experience and keeps you connected wherever you go.

International Talk Saver1

chatr offers affordable long distance calling rates worldwide, starting from just 1¢/min on select plans.

Bring your own device

If you already have a phone you love, all you need is a Chatr SIM card.


Auto-pay is the convenient, worry-free way to pay.

1. International Talk Saver offers preferred long distance rates to over 200 countries. 1¢/minute available in select destination countries only. Visit for list of applicable countries and rates.