Mophie 22000 mAh AC Universal External Battery For Mobile Devices And Laptops


Introducing an external battery that can power all of your power-hungry devices, even the ones that require an AC outlet. The powerstation AC is a high-capacity universal battery with enough power to fully charge a MacBook or provide an hour of extra battery when connected to a 90W laptop.
22,000mAh external battery with AC power output & USB-C PD fast charging.Made for laptops, tablets, smartphones and other USB & AC devices.
This battery has an a 110V 100W AC power outlet similar to a houshold wall outlet. In addition there is a USB Type-C port for power-in (battery charging) and power-out (device charging) which supports USB-PD technology. Finally, there is also a standard USB Type-A port which can be used to quickly charge an additional smartphone or tablet simultaneously.
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Type de pile Lithium-ion Capacité de la pile 22000 mAh Courant de sortie 2,1 A