Earth day

While Earth’s population grows, its ecosystems are under pressure to replenish resources that help support human life on this planet – including clean water, a livable climate, food, fuel and fertile soils. As a leading wireless retailer in Canada, Tbooth wireless recognizes that environmental protection is essential to healthier communities and sustainable development of this planet.

Our initiatives

  • Tbooth's trade-in program allows customers to bring in their own old, used phones in exchange for an in-store credit.
  • All imaging products are picked up for recycling from all locations and kept out of landfills (Zero Landfill Policy).
  • We purchase large orders of business products with recycled content from stores, reducing packaging and CO2 emissions.
  • Paper used at Tbooth wireless locations is certified by the Sustainable Forestry Initiative.
  • All new retail store installations use on LED lights, while stores with existing incandescent fixtures are being converted to LED.

In 2017, there were
7,167 devices
traded-in for recycling.

†Total number of devices collected for recycling from all Glentel locations in 2017.

Why recycle your phone?



With the Tbooth wireless Trade-In program, your old phone may be eligible for in-store credit, which can be put towards your new phone and accessories, saving you money!


When you bring in your old phone, it is diverted from landfills and either refurbished or recycled. This means you help reduce the amount of toxic heavy metals entering the groundwater, soil or ocean.


Don't spend hours trying to sell your old phone. The mobile experts at Tbooth wireless can help to find it a new home or recycle it. You may even be eligible to receive a credit towards a new phone. They can even setup your new device, install any accessories and assist in transferring data from your old phone.

Recycling your phone is easy!



Prepare your old phone for recycling by backing up the information, deleting all personal data and removing your SIM card.


Visit a Tbooth wireless store to drop-off your old phone. If eligible, you may receive a trade-in credit towards a new phone or accessory.


Your phone is sent to a recycling partner where it is assessed and either refurbished or dismantled for scrap, which is used to produce a variety of other items.

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